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Made to exacting standards from carefully selected and seasoned African Blackwood, the Strathmore Bagpipe produces a harmonic musical sound, is easy to reed, and will maintain a very steady tone. When you purchase a set of Strathmore Bagpipes you are investing in an instrument for life.


In designing the Strathmore Bagpipe, Murray Henderson used his years of experience to create an instrument that would perform, for him, at the highest level. It was Murray's belief that if he could meet this standard, and his own level of expectation in a musical instrument, that he would have created a bagpipe for himself and all pipers.This instrument is of the highest quality to be played at the premier solo events. Since their creation, Murray has played a full set of Strathmore Bagpipes in every competition. In 2006, Murray won the Clasp at the Northern Meeting, an event which is regarded as the world's most pretigious piobaireachd competition, playing a full set of Strathmore Bagpipes.


Selecting a bagpipe can be a daunting task. Murray Henderson ensures all pipers receive a special and personalised service. He will discuss every aspect of your instrument, ensuring that your bagpipe is tailored to your requirements. Contact Murray by phone, or email and he will give you the benefit of his experience to assist you in choosing the perfect instrument. Murray is also available for Skype consultations.


Features of the Strathmore Bagpipe:


  • Tenor drones are designed to tune accurately on the tuning pins.
  • Bass drone provides a rich depth of sound.
  • Perfect harmonic blend with drones and chanter.
  • Tuning pins are meticulously hemped to allow ease of tuning.
  • Wax hemp finishing into stocks for a professional fit.
  • Drone reeds and chanter strength will be set up to suit every piper.

Strathmore Bagpipes can be purchased ready to play, or as drones and stocks, or less any components as required.


Ready to Play:


  • Poly Bagpipe Chanter. Models DS,1 ,2, 2A, 3, 3A.
  • African Blackwood Bagpipe Chanter. Models 4A, 5, 6, 7.
  • Canmore zipper pipe bag.
  • Velvet bag cover.
  • Silk cords.
  • Chanter and drone reeds.

A high quality carrying case with shoulder strap can be purchased with these bagpipes. The Strathmore polypenco chanter is easy to reed and produces a bright, full tone.


Every Set of Strathmore Bagpipes Is:

Inspected • Reeded • Played


by Murray Henderson
to ensure that you receive
an instrument of the highest quality


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